Flip-flop seminar on loops in STATA, R and SPSS

November 19, 2009 - 17:20 - 19:00
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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CEU Community Only
Gabor Toka
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Paul Thomas Weith

This is a seminar series that regular POLBERG** participants launched at CEU in November 2009. The purpose of the seminars is to improve our proficiency in using statistical (and possibly other) software as well as in explaining what we have actually done with them. Each seminar has attached a PDF-format summary of what was discussed.

How long this seminar series will run is anyone’s guess. Feel free to join in. The time and place of the next Flip-Flop seminar is either shown on the last page of the latest PDF file in this folder or otherwise you can find it out by asking Paul Weith.

*: Here is the definition of Flip-Flop in the Oxford Concise Dictionary (slightly tempered edition):

■ noun

a light sandal with a thong that passes between the big and second toes.

N. Amer. a backward somersault or handspring.

N. Amer. informal an abrupt reversal of policy.

Electronics a switching circuit which works by changing between two stable states.

■ verb

move with a flapping sound or motion.

N. Amer. informal make an abrupt reversal of policy.

Nador utca idiom attending the identitally named POLBERG seminar at CEU. „Flip-flop” in this context refers to three ideas: (1) you can always walk in and out at your leisure; (2) rather than flipping a coin or hopelessly trying to learn from your own flops, you may just as well figure out things by asking your peers; (3) this is a series of informal events addressing ad hoc topics and may feature potentially hazardous acrobatics.

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